Community Information

The Faucett-Agency communities are located approximately eight miles south and southeast of St. Joseph, the county seat of Buchanan in Northwest Missouri. The communities are located on either side of I-29 and Highway 371. Kansas City International Airport is located 25 miles south on I-29.

Recreational areas are located within an hours drive in all directions. There are a wide variety of activities to choose from, as well as many cultural opportunities in Kansas City and St. Joseph. There are also health services available within ten minutes driving distance.

Most major religious denominations offer services and facilities in the immediate area.

The area is agriculturally oriented, with several residential clusters and rural homes scattered throughout the area. There are also new subdivisions being developed within the area. Corn and soybeans along with cattle farming, provide most of the agriculture endeavor.

Many residents are also employed in the St. Joseph and Kansas City areas.

The area is served by television and radio stations from the two metro areas and daily newspapers as well. The Buchanan County News is published weekly in the county.