From the Desk of John James……

The Safe Room is mostly in place.  A couple of panels were left off so dirt could be put back in up to the floor level.  If you go on our web site there is a link to pictures of the project.  It is updated regularly.  The current estimate is that this project will be completed around April.

The new bleachers were in place for the Lawson football game.  This week they are starting to install the football and baseball/softball lights.

We are in the process of installing an electronic sign at the entry  of the parking lot.  This project is being funded almost entirely with donations and fund raiser money.

The 2015 APR (annual performance report) recently came out and Mid-Buchanan scored 98.2 points out of a possible 100.  This is the highest we have scored since they changed the system.

Our student numbers are up this year.  We are required to report our attendance the last week of September every year.  On the target date we had exactly 700 students enrolled k-12.  This is higher than we have had for a number of years and is over 30 students more than last year.

Over all we have a great year going in Dragon land.

John K James, Superintendent



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