From the Desk of John James……


The summer projects have taken the typical “hurry up and wait” path.  The track is complete except for the lines.  They were supposed to paint the lines this week but the weather has not been cooperating.  In the mean time we need to keep the track as clean as possible so there is still a ban on walking and running on the track.  The front entry way doors are in and the frames are ready but we are waiting on some hardware.  We are using the concession stand but we have not signed off on it yet.  There are still some issues with the finishing.  Most of the locks and cameras are installed but until they are all installed we can not program the system.  The new air conditioning is installed and working but they are ironing out a few glitches and have to adjust the air balance so we have not signed off on that project either.  For the most part everything is going very well.  We have not set a night for an open house yet because we want everything finished.

We had an opportunity to put the safe room into service when the tornado sirens went off during the first varsity football game.  We moved people to the safe room and received a lot of favorable comments from patrons and Maysville fans.

The school year is off to a great start.  The teachers and students have all settled into the school routine and effective learning is taking place.  We really appreciate the support we get from the parents and the patrons of the district.  Your continued support makes our jobs easier and is a major factor in the success of the school.

John K James,  Superintendent



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