From the Desk of John James……

Greetings! It amazes me that the first quarter is almost gone already. It is starting to look and feel like Fall. Don’t forget to vote on November 5th. No matter how you feel about the bond or levy it is your right and civic duty to get out and express your opinion. Also remember that if you have been voting at the school you will now vote at the community center in Willowbrook.
I have heard some questions and comments about the bond and levy. Let me just address a couple of them.
“My children/grandchildren are all out of school. Why would I want to vote to raise my school tax?” The simple answer is “property value”. If you know a realtor ask them what has happened with residential values in the Mid-Buchanan School District during the current recession. The ones I have asked will tell you that the housing market in the district overall has held it’s value better than anywhere else they list homes in or around Saint Joe. They will also tell you that they believe the reason is people wanting to live in the district because of the school. If we can not afford to maintain the quality of the school it will have a negative effect on your home values.
“Why is air conditioning for the rest of the existing building not included in the bond? I can not support a bond issue that does not include air conditioning.” Everyone has a favorite item on their “want” list that they can use to not support the bond or levy. The list is endless and everything can not be addressed at once. Air conditioning the rest of the building would be very expensive. Right now only 50% of the building has air conditioning. That would be the newer areas. The older parts of the high school and the elementary are not air conditioned. They currently have individual heaters in each room and no duct work. Once the cost of installing the AC was done the cost of running it and maintaining it would be ongoing. I think it would conservatively raise our electricity costs $30,000 per year and maintenance costs $20,000 per year. We don’t have that. Right now we average about 6 early dismissals due to heat per year. We are still way over the required hours of school every year.
Again, remember to vote on the 5th of November. Weigh the cost of the tax increase against smaller classes, great test scores, student safety and strong property values. Decide for yourself what is right.
John K James Superintendent

Calendar of Events
Oct 21 9th FB vrs Lawson 5:00
Oct 22 VB at Lathrop 5:00
JH FB vrs West Platte 5:00
Oct 23 CC at Richmond 4:00
Oct 25 FB vrs Lathrop 7:00
Oct 28 VB Districts TBA
Oct 31 No School teacher in-service comp
Nov 1 No School P/T comp
Nov 2 CC Districts TBA
Nov 3 Daylight Savings Ends
Nov 5 Election Day
Nov 6 JH BB at St. Joe Christian 4:00
Nov 12 JH BB at Hamilton 4:30
Nov 14 JH BB vrs Dekalb 4:30

The annual Veterans Assembly will take place on Veteran’s Day, November 11th at 9:00 AM in the High School Gym.  Everyone is welcome to attend as we pay tribute to the men and women who are and have fought for our freedom.  There will be a reception for all Veterans attending following the program

Benefit Supper for Lori Godfrey

There will be a chili & hot dog benefit supper for teacher Lori Godfrey from 5 to 7 p.m., October 25th in the Multi-Purpose Room.  Cost is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for children.  There will also be several items auctioned off, including Chiefs tickets.  Come enjoy supper before the Mid-Buchanan football game.

There are still a couple openings in the Mid-Buchanan Little Dragon Preschool.

For information contact Barbara James
816-238-1646 ext. 234