From the Desk of John James……


We are down to about five weeks of school left for the students.  The last student day will be May 19th.  That will be a half day.   The Easter break will still be as scheduled with no school Thurs., Friday and Monday.

All of our projects are substantially completed now.  We are planning an open house on May 3rd from 4:30 to 6:30.  There will not be a formal program so you are welcome to come and go any time during that window.  There will be refreshments in the multi-purpose room and we will have people here to answer questions.  If you haven’t had a chance to see what all we did to the facility I think you will be surprised.  You are welcome to stay for the choir program that will start at 6:30 if you would like.

The MAP and EOC tests will be administered in the next few weeks.  It is important that your children are attending  and rested.  Please remind them to do their best.  It matters to them more if they know it matters to you.

The school year seems to have gone by really fast.  I am sure the next 6 weeks will also go by quickly.  There are a lot of activities going on, be sure to take the time to enjoy them.

Have a great Spring!

John K James, Superintendent



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