Study Hall Donations

Study Hall Donations by Britlyn deJong 

Recently during study hall, the classes raised money to go towards a little girl who has Neuroblastoma. Kenna Hallquist was the brains behind the idea. When a student donated they got to pick out of two jars to donate; one that had Coach Rumpf’s picture on it, or another that had Coach Fritz's picture on it. Whoever accumulated the most money in their jar at the end of the week got pied as an incentive for the students to provide donations. 

Mr. Thompson’s class got to pie Coach Rumpf and Ms. Phillips’ class got to pie Coach Fritz during study hall on Friday, March 13. They got pied not only once but about 10 times each from the study halls, so we can say that we weren’t cheated from the reward. Although the pieing was fun, the main goal was to raise money for the young girl, and in that we succeeded!