Snow Days Affecting School Lunch

Snow Days Affecting School Lunch - Jaele Barber

The snow days seem to be affecting the lunch menu that is set. The snow days cause a commotion in the lunchroom. Penny, the food service director, says, “It’s bad and causes a ruckus.” Penny says there is limited space inside the freezer for the food kept inside. The cafeteria staff pulls out food to be prepared for lunch, but with snow days the food gets kept inside and the staff has to fit even more food inside when it arrives. This causes the freezer to be stuffed full and runs out of room. Penny then has to move the menu around to accommodate for the food that needs to be pulled out due to snow days. Sometimes the staff has to pull food out two days before it is even served for it to begin thawing properly, so when the snow days occur Penny has to switch everything around. Penny then has to post the menu changes on Facebook and alert the teachers to inform their students.