Prom Committee

Prom Committee - Jaele Barber

The prom committee, made up of volunteering juniors, has been working on getting everything ready for prom. The juniors are monitored by Mrs. Sutton who is in charge of putting prom together. Mrs. Sutton is in charge of making sure everything is in order for prom. This includes collecting all the forms and collecting the slips with the pairs name on them for the grand march. The grand march is the entrance into prom, which can be alone, or with other people. Mrs. Sutton also hosted fundraisers to make money for prom, orders the props, and stays within the budget. The members picked out a theme and helped choose the props and invitations.They also have been putting together props and working hard to get the items in order. Some members were building a prop to represent the Brooklyn Bridge for prom, because the theme is “A Night In New York.” Some of the props include a few cardboard taxis, little sculptures of the Statue of Liberty, a arch to walk under, and the cardboard version of the Brooklyn Bridge. Prom will take place on Saturday, April 6th. The prom committee will start setting up on Friday, April 5th.

Prom committee members, Libby Bally, Serenity Williams, Zoe Webster, Christian Scaggs, Austin Cross, Cali Bailey, and Bryce Batliner, Gage Thornton, and Lizzie Jenkins working on building the “Brooklyn Bridge.”