New Technology in Mid-Buchanan

New Technology in Mid-Buchanan
Posted on 10/02/2019

Mid-Buchanan has a lot of new technology this year. One new thing this year are chromebooks. Each individual student (grades 9-12) has their own personal chromebook. Technology director, Ace Powell, said that the reason for getting the chromebooks was to allow teachers to be able to interact with students on a technological level. Chromebooks also allow students to be prepared for college because many colleges require students to use technology. He wants to make sure the students aren’t behind. Mid-Buchanan also got new 1GB fiber internet. Half of the elementary teachers were also provided with new touch TVs. The touch TVs replaced the old smartboards. Lastly, Mid-Buchanan got new printers. Students now have access to a color printer in the high school library.

            When asked about some challenges that come with the new technology, Ace said that it has been a challenge to keep track of the chromebooks. There have been problems with broken chromebooks and getting all of the students logged into their chromebook. Ace says that a lot of people don’t realize how much work goes into getting new internet. They had to get new equipment, move things around, and test it out. A challenge that has come with the new printers is making sure that all of the students can print, and if they can’t print then he has to figure out why they aren’t able to print.

            Ace said that he hopes all of the new technology allows the students to become comfortable with technology. He wants the students to become just as comfortable on a computer as they are on paper. He also hopes the new technology will encourage students to be creative and that they will work to find new ways to complete projects. All students have access to anything they need.


New printer to which the students have access.