Bus Route Changes and Winter Weather

Bus Route Changes and Winter Weather Coming Up  by Brandon Martin

Winter is coming up and that could cause problems for the transportation unit. When the temperature drops, the buses might not start, and the drivers may have to put additive into the fuel, or the roads may not be in the best condition for the buses to drive on. Another problem that the school may have during the winter is bus driver shortages. Not all of the drivers will be available in the winter due to sickness or the inability to get out of their driveways. Mid-Buchanan currently has ten regular drivers and four substitute drivers when needed.  The school is also looking to change some of the routes for safety purposes. They want all of the buses to let the kids get into the bus on the door side. Bob Searcy, the schools transportation director said, “There have been eight deaths in the United States from kids having to cross the road to get into the bus. Safety is the most important thing that the school wants for the children.” They are also trying to lower the amount of miles that each bus route has. In October, the school used over 1700 gallons of fuel from the bus routes, field trips, football, and Hilliards. There will soon be more changes and the school is getting prepared for all of them.