Ms. Prescher

Ms. Prescher~~By: Jacob Stephens

            As one of the 2nd grade teachers at Mid Buchanan, Ms. Prescher is enjoying the school year so far. She stated that her students are progressing very well in her classroom and are excited to learn new lessons every day. 2nd grade is the first year that students take AR tests. Mrs. Prescher said that at first it was difficult for the students to learn, but now that they have gotten the hang of things, they enjoy the tests. Students are also learning how to connect the text when reading books and learning how characters change throughout the story. In math, students are learning ways to use place value when in relation with money, along with some different ways to write numbers. Social studies is one of Mrs. Prescher’s favorite subjects to teach her students. They are currently learning to understand the layout of the map and how to use one. Students are also going to be creating their own maps of the school. In writing, students are starting to write their own personal narratives. Mrs. Prescher said once her students learned there were so many ideas they could write, they became excited to write stories. At the end of this lesson, students will make a book that contains all of the personal essays they have written.  Finally, at the end of the day, students have time to sit and read their books they have checked out of the library. While reading, Ms. Prescher encourages them to write down their thoughts and what happened in the story. She started to have her students use this idea to help them remember the book when they take the AR test over it, and if a student likes the book, they can use what they have written down to recommend it to another student. Overall, Ms. Prescher has enjoyed the first two months of school and is very excited to see her students grow and become better learners throughout the year.