Mid-Buchanan T-Shirt Quilts

Mid-Buchanan T-Shirt Quilts - Brylee Kemper

Mrs. Boyer’s clothing class has started working on one of their last projects. The students have to take older clothing and turn them into something. Seniors, Teresa Hanway, Brylee Kemper and Gracie Livengood have gathered as many Mid-Buchanan shirts they wanted to add to their own quilt. They first cut the sleeves and back off of the shirts. Then, they all had to cut interfacing to make the t-shirt fabric more durable. After cutting, they discussed with Mrs. Boyer on how big their quilt will be and what other steps they are going to need to take. Teresa, Brylee and Gracie will be working on their quilts until their last day of school.

Caption: Teresa Hanway cutting interfacing to apply to the back of her shirt.