Housing Blueprints

Housing Blueprints - Brylee Kemper

The students in Mrs. Boyer’s housing class finished working on their blueprints of their house. Each students had a list of requirements that were needed in the house, such as the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and how much furniture is needed in each room. Students could decide if they wanted a multiple story house or just a single story house and designed the layout of each room. Mrs. Boyer taught the class before about how much space should be in between each furniture or appliance and made students think about what could be convenient if they were to live in the house, such as have the dining room next to the kitchen and a half bathroom next to the living room. The students first learned how to correctly layout a home and their rooms. Then, Mrs. Boyer used their first drafts as a learning tool and told each student what would be difficult to access or use. After learning how to better their home, Mrs. Boyer had them practice furniture placement. Students learned that some rooms are too small for big furniture and there wouldn’t be enough space to walk around. Now, the students are finishing up their final draft of their blueprint house.