Dragon Journal

DRAGON JOURNALE - 11th Edition

Star Constellation Project - Madison Kovac

The fifth grade finished their star constellation project. The students worked in pairs. Each group was assigned one star constellation and were able to choose their other constellation. They had to research when the constellation is visible, what shape it resembles, and the legends told about the constellations. After the pairs gathered their information, they made a poster about their constellations. The posters had all the information the students researched and contained drawings of both of the students’ constellations.    

Students present on the constellation Pegasus   Bulletin board with student’s posters

Lunch Makes Mosaic Facebook Page - Jaele Barber

The cafeteria made changes to the lunch menu recently by adding fresh fruits and vegetables. The students seem to love the choices and tend to pick the veggies and fruits up frequently. Drew Bouge, a nutrition helper from Mosaic, came to the school for the fourth grade health challenge. While at school, he happened to walk through the cafeteria and spotted the fruit and veggies. He noticed that the kids, in his words, were “taking the items like wildfire.” He loved this and decided to feature the new choices on the Mosaic Facebook page!

Ms.Freeman - Science Investigations - Hope Erganian

Ms. Freemans science investigations students are completing their projects and starting to submit their papers. They are submitting their papers to the Mid-America Regional Science and Engineering Fair, as well as the Missouri Academy of Science. The students are going to design a presentation and poster to show their results.

Material Science and Engineering

The material science and engineering class is experimenting with polymers to determine properties. They will begin this experiment by testing a variety of plastics in common solvents (water, acetone, ethanol, heptane and a few more). Then, they will do a discovery lab and determine the density of each plastic. There are several other labs to examine the properties. The final project will be to utilize engineering skills and design a plastic object that is useful to society and print it with the 3d printer.

Environmental Chemistry

The environmental chemistry class is finishing up their project on food waste. The class is planning to look at non-renewable and renewable fuels soon. Ms. Freeman is planning a field trip for the class to the Biodiesel Plant in St. Joseph, MO. Students will also be making their own bioreactor in the future.

Mrs. Raines- Hope Erganian

The juniors had their ASVAB score interpretation on February 27th. On March 11th there will be ACT prep workshops from 11:00 am-3:00 pm. The workshops will be mandatory for 11th grade, and optional for 10th and 12th grade. For those that participate in the ACT prep workshops there will be a simulation ACT test on March 12th, at 8:00 am. On March 19th, United Way will be meeting with the sophomores for the last installment of the Career Exploration presenters. This visitor will be from the Health Science Field. On March 25th, at 6:00 pm, MB will be hosting freshman orientation for next year’s freshman and their parents.

Ms. Underwood - by Gage Reed

Ms. Underwood’s class is currently doing pizza fractions. In this activity, the students must create their own pizza. They choose how many slices and their own selection of toppings. After their pizza is finished, they use the number of toppings and slices to determine a fraction.

Preschool Friendship Parties - Jaele Barber

The preschool celebrated Valentine’s Day by having “Friendship Parties.” They had the party on February 14th. The party included different activities for the students to do and they got to share their candy. Each student got to make their own Valentines Box to hold their candy.

Rewards Program for Junior High Working Well - Brandon Martin

The Junior High started a new rewards program to fully begin in the new year. It was designed to give rewards to the students based on their behavior in class, showing up to class, not missing any work, and also not using that many hall passes during the classes. A few teachers said that right now it is working they wanted it to go. They also said that the students are becoming more responsible and getting things done when it is supposed to be. It doesn’t work for all of the students, but the teachers say that they think it will be more effective next year whenever it starts at the beginning of the year instead of at the end of the first semester.

Yearbook Now On Sale- Brylee Kemper

The school yearbook was on sale from February 23rd to March 2nd. The sale dropped the price of a yearbook to $50 each. After March 2, the yearbook went back up to $65 per book. This year’s theme is “Simply Different.” The yearbook staff works around telling the story of the whole school year using the theme the yearbook staff chose and through the different fonts they selected. To buy a yearbook, go to Balfour.com and search Mid-Buchanan R-V High School.

FFA Scholarships- Madison Kovac

Mrs. Rosenauer worked with the FFA this year with local scholarships. Mrs. Rosenauer has helped Mid-Buchanan FFA since 2014 with the Francis H. Dreier, Jr. Memorial scholarship. This scholarship is offered to seniors involved in FFA going into the agricultural field in college or trade school. The other scholarship that has been offered every year since 2017 is the Eldon Meyer scholarship. This scholarship is offered to any senior involved in FFA regardless of their major. The recipients were going to be announced during FFA week in February, but due to weather they will be announced at a later date. Recipients of the scholarship will also be recognized at the end of the year FFA banquet.  

High School Academic Team- Riley Brill

The Academic Team’s season is coming up and they have 18 interested participants.There are two seniors, five juniors, three sophomores and seven freshman. At the moment the roster is tentative, but the first meet is scheduled for March 5.  

Junior High Academic Team Recap- Riley Brill

The Junior High Academic Team’s season is over now. Mrs. Smith said, “We had a rough season and went 6-14 throughout our 20 matches. This was the first time most of the students have ever done Academic Team, so they lacked some experience.”

Junior High Gifted - Mackenzie Welch

In Mrs. Crowder’s Junior High Gifted class they did research on historical characters that they picked. A few of the historical characters from the students were Princess Diana, Benjamin Franklin, and Abe Lincoln. The students had to write and present a three minute speech in front of the class along with having a prop to go along with their character. Kaylie, a student in Junior High gifted did her research over Princess Diana. Kaylies used a picture of Princess Diana. She said the reason why she picked this particular historical character is because she seems helpful.

Marshall Ag Contest - Madison Kovac

The first scheduled Ag contest was postponed due to cold temperatures. The contest was planned to happen on March 5th in Marshall, Missouri. The high temperature of the day was only 20 degrees, and the hosts of the contests thought it would be unfit for children to compete in that temperature. Many Ag contest teams are outside, so cancelling the contest was for the well-being of the students. Marshall is looking for a new date for the contest, but it is still not determined.  

Jazz Band Competition-Madison Kovac

The high school jazz band went to Northwest Missouri State University on February 22. The jazz band includes all of the same instruments as the regular band, but adds a baritone saxophone and a bass guitar. The band played three songs at the competition. They received 1st place out of the seven schools in their class. Senior jazz band member Jessica Green said, “We had a good audience at this competition. The judges gave good feedback and it really helps us prepare for Los Angeles.” The band and choir will be traveling to Los Angeles, California to play in April.   

ACT Preparation - Mackenzie Welch

The ACT preparation day will be. Monday, March 11th. Students will be getting ready for the ACT which will be taking place from 11am to 3pm. Their group assignment will be found on signs posted in the commons area. Mrs. Crowder’s goal for her students is to help her students be ready and comfortable for the ACT. She is hoping the preparation will lead to higher test scores. The students in Mrs. Crowder’s English class will be practicing different questions that might be seen on the test and how to eliminate wrong choices. The students will also be going over time management.

Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night- Brylee Kemper

The Mid-Buchanan jazz band and choir held a fundraiser with Chick-Fil-A on February 21st, where part of the proceeds Chick-Fil-A earned during the time of the event went towards the MB band and choir. The event started at 5 pm and ended at 8:30 pm. For a portion of the customer’s cost to go towards the school, the customer had to mention to the cashier that they were there on behalf of the spirit night. The customer did not have to be apart of the school community to give part of their purchase cost towards the jazz band and choir. There was also a “Prize Wheel” with had guaranteed prizes available. All you had to do was pay a dollar and win a treat like a Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Frozen Lemonade, Chicken Minis, and ice cold beverages. The jazz band and choir also purchased a $100 Visa card to raffle off for $5. About 40-50 people participated in the raffle. A child at the restaurant got to put her hand in a bag of ticket and picked out the name. The winner of the raffle was Mary Prothero. As a whole, the band and choir earned about $200 on the night to help pay for travel expenses on their upcoming contest trip to Los Angeles, California.

Jessica Green holding a bag of raffle tickets for a customer to draw from.

Mid-Buchanan Host Basketball Districts - Jaele Barber

Mid-Buchanan High School hosted District 16 basketball contests this season. Mrs. Kreifels and Mr. Kendrick talked about the preparation for Districts. They said the walls had to be cleaned, the base boards, and the bleachers. The school needed extra personnel to help work the doors, and set up. There had to be three people working the doors, scorekeepers and clock runners, and they had to have staff help in the hospitality room as well as needing concession stand workers. They also needed people to run the stand with District t-shirts for sale. The hospitality room had to be helped by parents bringing in stuff to eat and use, because they were feeding over 100 people a night for 5 nights. Mrs. Kreifels said they offered groups who wanted to raise money, such as, basketball teams, golf, and academic team, to help run the concession and t-shirt stand to help them raise money for their individual programs. Mr. Kendrick said scheduling around weather was not a huge problem this year, because only two games had to be rescheduled, and  two games were moved to East Buchanan. The scheduling worked out well and everything ended up working, except the girls had to play back to back nights. Everyone was a huge help to take care of Districts. Both Mid-Buchanan teams won districts, and playing in Sectionals made for a lot of paperwork for Mr. Kendrick to fill out. A pep bus went to Staley High School to watch the teams play. This meant extra personnel were needed to ride the bus and watch the students.

Snow Days Affecting School Lunch - Jaele Barber

The snow days seem to be affecting the lunch menu that is set. The snow days cause a commotion in the lunchroom. Penny, the food service director, says, “It’s bad and causes a ruckus.” Penny says there is limited space inside the freezer for the food kept inside. The cafeteria staff pulls out food to be prepared for lunch, but with snow days the food gets kept inside and the staff has to fit even more food inside when it arrives. This causes the freezer to be stuffed full and runs out of room. Penny then has to move the menu around to accommodate for the food that needs to be pulled out due to snow days. Sometimes the staff has to pull food out two days before it is even served for it to begin thawing properly, so when the snow days occur Penny has to switch everything around. Penny then has to post the menu changes on Facebook and alert the teachers to inform their students.

Pie-A-Principal - Brylee Kemper

The jazz band and choir was having a Junior High and High School wide contest amongst the study halls. Whichever study hall raised the most money would get the chance to shove a pie into either Mr. Kendrick’s or Mrs. Kreifel’s face. The winner of the contest was Mrs. Boyer’s study hall who collected $48 that will help the jazz band and choir fund for their trip to Los Angeles, California. The study hall chose Mr. Kendrick. During a pep assembly, each student in Mrs. Boyer’s study hall got to shove a pile of whipped cream onto Mr. Kendrick’s head in front of the whole school. Altogether, the school raised $140 to help pay for the jazz band and choir trip.