Dragon Journal


Mid-Buchanan T-Shirt Quilts - Brylee Kemper

Mrs. Boyer’s clothing class has started working on one of their last projects. The students have to take older clothing and turn them into something. Seniors, Teresa Hanway, Brylee Kemper and Gracie Livengood have gathered as many Mid-Buchanan shirts they wanted to add to their own quilt. They first cut the sleeves and back off of the shirts. Then, they all had to cut interfacing to make the t-shirt fabric more durable. After cutting, they discussed with Mrs. Boyer on how big their quilt will be and what other steps they are going to need to take. Teresa, Brylee and Gracie will be working on their quilts until their last day of school.

Caption: Teresa Hanway cutting interfacing to apply to the back of her shirt.

Special Education-Brandon Martin

Mr. Allwood currently helps out with the special education kids in the elementary. He chose to do this so that he could be associated with the school and be a coach. Alwood enjoys working with the children and helping out with the other teachers that work with the special ed kids. He doesn’t plan on doing this for the rest of his career but would be content working with the kids for a few more years.

Practice Resumes - Brylee Kemper

Ms. Phillips’ business law class learned about resumes. The students learned what employers are looking for and paying attention to in a resume. The class chose a job they wanted or would want in the future and learned what information would be useful in their resume for that job. Students worked on the format of the resume to make the layout look professional but yet unique. Ms. Phillips also showed her class how to make their resume appeal to the job type they are wanting. Each student made a resume, reference sheet, and cover letter addressed to their employer (Ms. Phillips).

Preschoolers Grow A Garden - Jaele Barber

The preschoolers started their annual classroom garden with Ms. Ussary. Ms. Ussary bought the seeds and the soil to plant the seeds in. Many of the preschoolers wore their “farming” outfits that day, because they knew they were planting a garden. The garden is in a little square piece of the preschoolers playground. It is surrounded in a white fence, so the preschoolers are careful not to stomp on the plants. This garden contains garden beans, peas, and field corn. The main purpose of the garden was to make sure the students could get a grasp on how to take care of plants, the food that grows, and the growth process of them. The preschoolers rotate on the job of watering the vegetables in the garden and checking to make sure they are growing and talking about how they grow. They will continue to check on their garden throughout the rest of the year to see if the vegetables will keep growing enough to be picked. Ms. Ussary’s class also planted marigolds in a flower pot to water and keep tabs on as well.  

Jacob, Cooper, and Kendalynn helping plant the seeds.

5th Grade Newscast Presentation - Madison Kovac

Mrs. Carlson’s fifth grade science class has been learning about weather. The students learned why weather occurs and the different types of severe weather. The students were then assigned a project to create a newscast presentation. The presentation was a powerpoint that had pictures of their assigned severe weather and information on their topic. The students were assigned either tornadoes or floods. The newscast also included tips on how to prepare and survive the weather. The students memorized their scripts and made the newscast presentation to their classmates. The newcast had to be more than a minute and a half, but less than five minutes in length. There were many fun bits students added, such as, dressing up like old people or adding a funny video at the end of their powerpoints.

Kati (dressed as Bob the meterologist)

And Jensen (dressed as Stormy the newscaster)

JH Gifted - Mackenzie Welch

In Junior High Gifted the students are working on researching information and developing portfolios and storyboards concerning the country of their choice. They will be presenting their research to a variety of elementary classes in May.

Preschoolers Get Ready For Easter - Jaele Barber

The preschoolers focus on one letter for each week of the school year. The week before Easter Ms. Ussary picked the letter “E” for that week. She chose the letter “E”, because Easter is on Sunday and a lot of things that have to do with Easter start with the letter “E”. The students learned more about Easter and also learned what sounds the letter “E” make. They painted and put glitter on paper eggs. Ms. Ussary taught the kids that egg starts with the letter “E” and makes an “eh” sound. The students were happy they got to practice coloring their eggs for Easter.

Jace and Cree’s paintings of their eggs.

Mrs. Tanner- Gage Reed

Mrs. Tanner’s third grade class is currently working on state reports. Each student gets a state to research and learn information on. They have to find out the state flag, capital, where it is located, population, and state motto. The students are also required to find a famous person from that state and provide information on what they were famous for and their date of birth and death. All of this information is recorded into their packet.

Mr. Gibson Major Wars - Riley Brill

In Mr. Gibson’s Major Wars class, they are now learning about the Vietnam War. They are just n

ow starting this lesson and Mr. Gibson loves teaching students about the Vietnam War. “This is probably one of my favorite classes and segments to teach.” Mr. Gibson says. The students will learn about how the war started, and how gruesome the war was too. Mr. Gibson says, “Out of all the wars fought, the Vietnam War is the one that I would not want to fight in because of how gruesome it was.”

College Prep - Mackenzie Welch

Deputy King spoke with both college prep sections last Friday concerning personal safety and situational awareness.  This week, they will be discussing the importance of becoming involved in and establishing new and maintaining old friendships and will be ending the week with their dorm-friendly cook off.

Woods Projects - Jaele Barber

The students in woodshop class have been working on building their projects. The students get to choose a project to work on for the year. Some of the projects include, cutting boards, tables, and bread boxes. Some projects take longer than others, and can be difficult at times to finish. The students build their projects out of boards of wood they choose and that best fits for their project. The students then use the different machines and tools Mr. Speer has in the woodshop to complete the project. Some students have already completed their projects. Mr. Speer has been helping the students all year with any questions or concerns they have with their projects.

Gage Reed’s breadbox (pictured left) and Butch Walter’s Breadbox (pictured right).

Chemathon- Hope Erganian

Recently, the Chem 1, Chem 2, and Physics classes went to Chemathon at Missouri Western State University. They were there from 8am until 2pm. At the beginning of the day each student had to take a written test. After the test, they did a team competition. Each student had to answer questions and they got 3 lives. Everytime a student got a question wrong they lost a life. After the team competition, they finished with a timed team competition. The students were given an element and they had to find things that corresponded to that element. The only award Mid Buchanan received was from Bryce Batliner, who got 6th in the Chem 2 group.

Technology-Brandon Martin

Our new technology person, Ace Powell, has enjoyed his time so far at Mid-Buchanan. He said that he feels very welcomed at the school. There have not been that many problems with the internet or computers. The only problems were minor and were fixed quickly. Most of the problems occurred during the beginning of the second semester and have all been fixed.

Housing Blueprints - Brylee Kemper

The students in Mrs. Boyer’s housing class finished working on their blueprints of their house. Each students had a list of requirements that were needed in the house, such as the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and how much furniture is needed in each room. Students could decide if they wanted a multiple story house or just a single story house and designed the layout of each room. Mrs. Boyer taught the class before about how much space should be in between each furniture or appliance and made students think about what could be convenient if they were to live in the house, such as have the dining room next to the kitchen and a half bathroom next to the living room. The students first learned how to correctly layout a home and their rooms. Then, Mrs. Boyer used their first drafts as a learning tool and told each student what would be difficult to access or use. After learning how to better their home, Mrs. Boyer had them practice furniture placement. Students learned that some rooms are too small for big furniture and there wouldn’t be enough space to walk around. Now, the students are finishing up their final draft of their blueprint house.

5th Grade Compare and Contrast- Madison Kovac

Mrs. Kline’s fifth grade social studies class recently finished reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. After they finished the book, the class got to watch the 2008 movie adaptation of the book. The students have been learning about World War II, which is why they read this book and watched the movie. The story is about an eight year-old boy who moves with his family to a countryside house near a concentration camp. He discovers the camp and befriends another young boy on the other side of the fence. The story showcases the boys’ forbidden friendship and the horrors of the Holocaust and concentration camps. Morgan Partridge stated, “the movie was very sad. I liked the book better because I could imagine more.” After they finished the movie, the students completed a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the book and the movie.

   Upcoming Dates- Hope Erganian

There are a few important upcoming dates for Mid-Buchanan. Map testing begins on April 29th and will run through May 10th. There will be a college signing day on May 8th. From May 13th to May 17th there will be EOC testing going on. Lastly, May 21st will be 7th grade parent orientation.

   Sales- Brylee Kemper

The multimedia class learned about making a sales pitch. The class is trying to sell advertisements for the school yearbook to help pay for the cost of the yearbooks and so the yearbook staff can add more features on the yearbook, like more pages. To work on their approach to a business, Ms. Phillips assigned a student to five businesses in the Saint Joseph area. The students first practiced by walking up to their fellow classmates and worked on what they would say to a client, like introducing themselves and explaining what they are selling. Students will use what they learned when they approach a potential client. If the client says yes, the client will fill out a form and hand the student money or email Ms. Phillips. If the client says no, the client will be asked to sign an empty form saying the student came and talked to them but they were not interested in buying.

Baccalaureate- Brylee Kemper

The Class of 2019’s baccalaureate ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 5th at Wallace Christian Church starting at 6 PM. The service will honor this years seniors as they enter their last few days of high school at Mid-Buchanan. Family, friends, and anyone in the community is welcome to attend the service to help celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2019 and are welcome to stay after to enjoy the refreshments as it will be provided after the service.                                                      

KCI Scholar Athletes - Brylee Kemper, Braden Hirschi, Bryce Batliner, and absent from the photo: Jaele Barber

Health Triangle - Brandon Martin

The seventh graders just recently finished learning about the health triangle in their health classes. The students learned about the three main parts of the triangle. Mr. Kountz designed various activities for each part of the triangle. The first part is the social health. This part of the triangle talks about the ability to form positive and supportive relationships with peers. For this, the students were told to go around the classroom and find out one fact that they did not know about each person. The next type of health is the mental health. This type of health is our ability to handle stress during the day and try to be cheerful and optimistic. The activity the students did for this was trying to throw a ball in a small hole until they made it or gave up. The last part of the health triangle is physical health. Physical health is the person’s sleeping and eating habits, as well as the person’s exercise habits and oral hygiene. The students were required to do jumping jacks for a minute for the activity. Mr. Kountz said that he thinks that this is one of the most important lessons to learn and hopes that reading about the health triangle and each activity the students did during the unit will help the students in the future.

Mrs. Fritz’s Class Makes Raps

Mrs. Fritz’s class is learning about the water cycle and to help the class prepare for their test, Mrs. Fritz had them all come up with their own raps in groups. The groups consisted of three to four students in each group. All together the class had around four groups. This was a fun way of learning the water cycle and having the class memorize the steps of it. The rap had to be to the theme song of “Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.” This rap had to be around a minute long, memorized, and rapped in front of the class. Mrs. Fritz said several students came up to her after the test and said they had rapped in their head to help them remember the information.

A few students saying their rap in front of the class.

Mrs. Duran’s Elementary P.E - Gage Reed

The third grade elementary physical education class had to run a ½ mile for their fitness test. All students were recorded on their completion time. Colby Schreck came in first place with a time of 3 minutes and 22 seconds. After their mile the students went back inside and completed their sit and reach test. This test’s purpose is to show how flexible each student is. For the sit and reach test there is a ruler on a box and the student must reach as far as they can and Mrs. Duran records their number. Each student got three attempts and the best number out of the three was recorded.