Dragon Journal


Reward Program Starts for Junior High Students - by Brandon Martin

  The junior high teachers decided to start a program for their students that lets them do different activities based on their behavior in class, showing up in time for class, not missing work, and the amount of hall passes the student uses. There are three different levels that the students can achieve: Gold, Silver, and Orange.

  For the students to achieve the Gold level, they need to have used 6 passes or fewer during the quarter and have all A’s and B’s. If the students receive the Gold level, they can have a ‘Gold Rush’ party, which is a party during study hall in which the students can have either have free time, computer time, or play a board game. They can also get an ice cream day once per quarter plus all of the silver rewards. If the students are Gold level for the whole year, they would be able to get a pizza party.

  For the students who want to achieve the Silver level, they would either use 7 to 12 passes or have multiple C’s on their quarterly report card. For the silver level, students are able to be dismissed 5 minutes early for lunch on Fridays. They would also be able to get a ‘Heavy Metal’ party which is similar to the Gold level’s ‘Gold Rush’ party. The students will also be able to attend an assembly during the quarter.

   Finally, the third level is called the Orange level. This is the lowest level available for the students. For this, the student would have used 13 or more passes or the student has a D or an F for a grade. If they achieve the Orange level, they are only allowed to attend academic assemblies and events. They also have to discuss a plan with the counselor or their study hall teacher on how to improve their grades. The students would have to write their plan on a piece of paper and look at it bi-weekly.

December Events- Hope Erganian

During the month of December, Mrs. Raines will be busy with a few events. United Way will be at the school on December 11th at 2:30 pm for the sophomores. On December 13th the Hillyard Technical Center is coming to present to the sophomores. For all students planning to take dual credit courses second semester, Missouri Western State University will be at the school on December 20th at 2:00 pm for enrollment. For future reference, the deadline to register for the February 9th ACT will be January 11th.

Staff Christmas Party- Hope Erganian

On November 30th, the staff Christmas party was held at Fairview Golf Course. The party was held earlier than usual so it wouldn’t interfere with other events, like wrestling. The staff ate dinner, talked and played lots of Christmas themed games. One game they played was the newlywed game, but in the teacher's edition. Participants paired up and were asked questions like, “What is your most embarrassing moment from the classroom?” Coach Rumpf and Coach Fritz came in 1st place, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Raines in 2nd, and Coach Elms and Mr. Kendrick came in last place. The staff also collected toys for families around the area that are in need. Mrs. Kreifels said, “It was really nice getting to know everyone better, meeting their spouses, and hearing about all of their embarrassing stories.” Mrs. Kreifels wants to have get togethers more often and she plans to have another Christmas staff party next year.

Sporting Events Going Live - Brylee Kemper

  As winter sporting events at Mid-Buchanan start to emerge, Ms. Phillips’ class is trying to find a way for the fans that wish to watch the games or matches live on their smartphones or televisions. Ms. Phillips had her students research and learn about the different ways people livestream. The class looked at social media accounts like Facebook as an option, but the students and teacher did not like how you had to get a social media account that had a timeline or feed in order to watch the event.

  The class picked the application they are going to use to broadcast; YouTube Live. The class chose YouTube Live because if a person wanted to watch a game or match, he would not need to create a social media account that had a news feed like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. YouTube Live is also free for users to watch but will have a way viewers can donate money for the class to use to get better equipment. Right now, the class will be using a tablet to use as a camera. In the multimedia class, students who are not in a winter sport activity will help during the event. They will be in charge of commentating the game or match if and when they are available! The rest of the class will help with creating pregame videos or interviewing coaches and players that they will post on their YouTube page.

  To create a YouTube account, all you need is an email and a password and you are ready to start watching! The class will have a Twitter and Facebook account to post about the upcoming event and provide a link to the games or matches, however Ms. Phillips wishes to have a permanent link on the school website that people can click on when they are looking for the live game without needing a social media account.

2nd Grade- Emily Papenberg

2nd grade students are working on letter writing and addressing an envelope properly. They had to write to someone that doesn’t live in their house. The students have finished and are now mailing them out. 2nd grade is also working on how to convince Santa to give them the things they ask for. They are making Christmas lists and separating the wants from the needs.  

Mr.Underwood’s Leadership Class

  Mr. Underwood’s leadership class recently finished reading The Final Summit by Andy Andrews. The Final Summit is the sequel to The Traveler’s Gift, which the class read last quarter. Both books consist of many life lessons which can help a person reach success.

  In The Traveler’s Gift, David Ponder gets into a car crash. It is a very rough time in David Ponder’s life and he goes back in time and visits various historical figures such as Harry S. Truman and Joshua Chamberlain. These historical figures teach David Ponder many life lessons so he can pass them on and bring success to himself and others. In The Final Summit David Ponder is much older and has became wealthy and wise due to the lessons he learned. Ponder leads a meeting full of many famous historical figures to try and find out two words that can save mankind.

   Mr. Underwood teaches the importance of each lesson and uses them throughout the school year. I interviewed Riley Brill, a student in Leadership class, about the two books. When asked what his opinion was on the series, he stated, “Very important to life. It can really change the way you think.” I then asked him what his favorite lesson was in The Traveler’s Gift, he said Joshua Chamberlain’s lesson made the most impact on him. Chamberlain’s lesson is be a “person of action.” One quote he really enjoyed was, “Failure exists only for the person who quits. I do not quit.”

  As a former student of Leadership class, I still to this day think about the lessons learned while reading these books. I firmly believe if one apply these lessons then he will live a better overall life.

Elf on the Shelf ! - Jaele Barber

The preschool met Snowflake, the elf, today in class. Snowflake is supposed to watch the preschoolers and make sure they do the right thing. Snowflake brought them a book to read today called, “Elf On the Shelf.” The book talked about all the rules Snowflake had, like how you can’t touch him, he can’t talk to you, and he watches what you do and reports it to Santa. Snowflake will be changing spots daily and waiting for the students to find him. Snowflake will be around until Christmas is over. The students know that if they touch Snowflake he will disappear and go back to the North Pole. They all seemed excited to have Snowflake there and want to be good so Snowflake tells Santa all the good things they do.

Lunch is Back in the Multi - Jaele Barber

The multi-purpose room is finished and open for lunch. The students started eating lunch in the multi-purpose room on December 3rd. Also, trays are now back for the food instead of the styrofoam lunch containers. During the construction process, students ate lunch in their classrooms. Once the safe room floor was finished, lunch was moved into there. Now the students can go straight from the cafeteria to the seating area for lunch.

Environmental Chemistry- Hope Erganian  

Ms. Freeman’s environmental chemistry class is testing soil to see what is in it. Farmers spray chemicals onto the fields, and that results in dead worms and other organisms that we need. The students put 10 drops of hydrochloric acid into the soil and tested it with soil testing kits.

Christmas Newsletter - Brylee Kemper

Freshmen in Ms. Phillips’ computer application class are creating a Christmas newsletter to be sent home to their families. The newsletter is supposed to look like a page out of a newspaper. Students will use Microsoft Publisher to create their projects and rearrange the format of the paper. The project will include articles about themselves and their family members and the traditions their families celebrate and express during the holidays. Ms. Phillips wants the students to use numerous graphics as well as different color schemes and fonts to help with the creative part of the assignment. The students will be able to take home a printed out version of the project in color to show their family.

Academic Team -Riley Brill

Mrs. Smith is leading the junior high and high school Academic Team. Junior high has already started practice, and the students have the choice to practice either Monday after school or Tuesday before school. Their first meet is January 17th. The high school will start practice after Christmas break, and their first meet is sometime after March. Mid-Buchanan is hosting the conference tournament, which will be the first time that we have hosted the tournament in quite a while. Mrs. Smith’s expectations for the students is for them to get out of their comfort zones, to try their best, and ask a lot of questions. Also, the booster club bought all new buzzers for the team.

New Changes Coming for Bus Routes - Brandon Martin

It is almost winter which means winter break is coming up. During the break, the bus routes are going to change so that all of the students can get on the bus through the door side instead of crossing the street to get onto the bus. This is going to change the times that some of the students will get on the buses and might mess up their parents’ schedules. The transportation director, Bob Searcy, said that, “It might take time for the drivers and the families to get used to the changes.” Also, since the break is coming up, the buses are going to get checked to make sure that they run properly for the basketball tournament over the holiday break and for the rest of the year for when school starts up again.

AG Science 2- Emily Papenberg

AG Science is currently working on plant processes. Each student gets a white carnation, warm water, and food coloring. AG students split the stem into four equal parts and place each stem in a different color. After the flower has changed color, they remove the stems and characterize what has occured.

7th Graders in Volleyball Unit

The seventh grade students played deck tennis and korfball to get ready to start playing volleyball. For these two sports leading up to volleyball, they helped the students work on their communication while they are on the court and learning the different spots that are on the court. They are currently playing volleyball for the rest of the semester. Before they began playing actual volleyball, they learned how to hit the ball overhand, underhand and also how to bump and set the ball correctly. When they finally finished that, they began to start playing volleyball. Mr. Kountz said, “When we do this unit, I try to make sure that the students work on their essential skills to build a good foundation for volleyball.”

Mrs. Tanner’s 3rd Grade - Gage Reed

Mrs. Tanner’s 3rd Grade class participated in a class activity on December 12. This class activity was a spelling game called “sparkle”. In this game, Mrs.Tanner called out a vocabulary word and the students took turns saying each letter of the word. This continued around the room until the word had been completely spelled out. After the word was finished, one student repeated the word and the next student said “Sparkle.” The student after the one who said “Sparkle” was out and they must sit down. Mrs.Tanner then called out another vocabulary word and it repeats. Eventually there is a winner. Some vocabulary words used were: crashed, shocked, dashed, twisted, and storm.