Dragon Journal

Multi Purpose Floor -Riley Brill

The multi purpose floor will have its last coat applied Thursday, November 13. The coating on the floor then has to set for nineteen days. After that, the bleacher installation will begin on Monday, November 26. When everything is finished we will be able to have breakfast, lunch, and all other activities in the multi starting on December 3.


FFA students just finished their first fundraiser for the year and they are now getting orders packed and ready to pass out. The FFA sold a total of 550 candles, and the second fundraiser will begin before Thanksgiving.

Elementary Art is working on paisley designs from India. They made their own paisleys and traced them with sharpie to make them stand out. The students just started coloring in their paisleys with watercolor.

Book Fair Follow-Up                By: Madison Kovac

After the October book fair, the high school library was rewarded with “Scholastic Dollars,” for every book purchase. The Scholastic Dollars were then used to purchase new books for the high school library. Some of the books that were purchased included the latest installments of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries series. Many reference books were purchased to aid students in projects. The book fair was a great success and allowed the number of library books to grow.


Red Ribbon Week Recap

Red Ribbon Week was certainly a success. Mrs. Raines said she believes the students had much better focus on Red Ribbon Week this year than they have had in the past. Watching Deputy King get attacked by a K-9 was very entertaining. A special shout out to the Drug Free Superstars: Brylee Kemper, Gracie Livengood, Jenna Ellison, Lindsey Kauffman, Riley Brill, and Drake Remick. The ninth and tenth grade team ended up beating the teachers team in the dodgeball tournament. On Friday, many students supported Red Ribbon Week and wore red to show they are drug free. Mrs.Raines said that she and the teachers are excited to do Red Ribbon Week again next year and they want to make it even bigger!

Preparing for Veterans Day!

Mrs. McNorton’s class is taking time to learn about the importance of Veterans Day and what it means to be an American. The class did activities this week such as, making keepsake books over the American Symbols. They also learned and sang a song called, “I Love My Flag.” The class will attend the Veteran’s Day assembly on Monday, November 12th which is why the focus this week is on Veteran’s Day. The kindergartens have also started learning about Thanksgiving. They started putting Thanksgiving stories into their daily readings.

Preschoolers Learn to be Thankful!

The Preschoolers started this week off by learning to be thankful. They are in the process of learning all about Thanksgiving and that it happens in November. Most of the students are able to talk about Thanksgiving and relate it to turkey somehow. Ms. Ussary is now making a list for the students to put something they are thankful for on. She is drawing a picture and then by their name, is writing what the students say.  

Appreciation to Our Lunch Ladies

The staff in the cafeteria stays very busy every school day. They arrive at school early, in time to prepare for the day. They serve breakfast, which is available for all grades and teachers, and then they serve lunch throughout the day to all the different grades of students from elementary to high school seniors. Following that, they clean up everything and make sure things are ready for lunch the next day. The cafeteria staff also participated in the Trunk or Treat and placed third.    Everyone should appreciate our lunch ladies because of all the hard work they do.


Deputy King wants to remind all students to be safe while driving during the weather change. Also Deputy King would like to make sure all students with an intermediate license know and understand their driving restrictions. Intermediate license is for 16-18 year old teenagers. Restrictions include no driving between 1 AM- 5 AM unless an emergency or accompanied by another licensed driver 21 years or older. Also, no more than three passengers under the age of nineteen may be present in the vehicle. After the age of eighteen the driver can apply for regular license status. Deputy King wants students to remain safe and wants students 16-18 years old to follow these restrictions.

Bus Route Changes and Winter Weather Coming Up  by Brandon Martin

Winter is coming up and that could cause problems for the transportation unit. When the temperature drops, the buses might not start, and the drivers may have to put additive into the fuel, or the roads may not be in the best condition for the buses to drive on. Another problem that the school may have during the winter is bus driver shortages. Not all of the drivers will be available in the winter due to sickness or the inability to get out of their driveways. Mid-Buchanan currently has ten regular drivers and four substitute drivers when needed.  The school is also looking to change some of the routes for safety purposes. They want all of the buses to let the kids get into the bus on the door side. Bob Searcy, the schools transportation director said, “There have been eight deaths in the United States from kids having to cross the road to get into the bus. Safety is the most important thing that the school wants for the children.” They are also trying to lower the amount of miles that each bus route has. In October, the school used over 1700 gallons of fuel from the bus routes, field trips, football, and Hilliards. There will soon be more changes and the school is getting prepared for all of them.

Preschool Talks about Veterans

The Preschoolers have started to talk about Veteran’s Day. They got taught the simple concepts about what a veteran is. They also learned about what it means to be an American. The Preschoolers did activities such as reading a book about the U.S. The students enjoyed doing these things and looked very interested in what they were learning about. All students will attend the Veteran’s Day assembly that will be held on Monday, November 12th.

A poster the Preschoolers made in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Body Conditioning

Students in Coach Rumpf’s body conditioning classes and morning weightlifters had a contest to test their endurance. Each student had to bench the bar as many times as possible as a classmate counted each time the lifter went up and down with the bar. For the boys, the leader was Riley Brill with 300 reps, followed by Dylan Weaklend, Brendon Nold, Boston deJong and Caleb Kirschner. For the girls, the leader was Brynn Phillips with 99 reps, followed by Zoe Webster, Samantha Waller and Kayleigh Huss. Coach Rumpf is proud and excited about the progress his athletes are showing him.

Landfill Project

Mrs. Freeman’s environmental chemistry class will be doing a project over landfills. To begin the project the students will be writing a research paper about landfills. Their papers must include five detailed paragraphs and two credible sources. Once they have completed their research papers they will begin creating models. They must have one “mini” dry tomb landfill and a “mini” wet tomb landfill. The students will be using two empty milk jugs, rock, soil, and any other materials their models call for. They are also allowed to use toothpicks to represent the locations of the garbage. Before covering the mini landfills the students will weigh each piece and then later reweigh them after they cover them.