Science Investigations

Science Investigations- Zoe Webster

            In Missouri, 25 students were chosen to present their science project at the 2020 Missouri Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at Missouri University College of Engineering. Out of those 25 students, 5 were from Mid-Buchanan. The five students, Kaylie Yates, Weston Henning, Bryce Batliner, Miguel Canchola, and Erin Hyde, alongside Ms. Freeman and Mrs. Jenkins, traveled down to Columbia, Missouri. On Monday, the students presented their presentations to 2 judges and small groups. 

            One student from each category was chosen to present in front of everyone. The categories were Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology, Environmental Science, and Health and Medicine. Weston Henning was chosen from his category, Chemistry, to present in front of everyone. The students chosen to present in front of everyone were also chosen to travel to Norfolk, Virginia to compete against students from all over the US and possibly get scholarships. All of the Science Investigations students will be participating in  MARSEF and Missouri Junior Academy of Science at Missouri Western State University on March 27.