Biology 1 Diffusion Lab

Biology 1 Diffusion Lab- Zoe Webster

            In Mrs. Jenkins’ Biology I class they did a diffusion lab. The purpose of the lab was to compare plant cells in different solutions to demonstrate osmosis. The plant cells that they used were potatoes. They also used balloons and vanilla to model diffusion. “The students have already learned about diffusion, osmosis, and active transport. Now they are just applying it,” stated Mrs. Jenkins. 

            Students, Creed Webster and Lane Ellison, said that this lab helped them understand and gives them a great visual. They said that viewing the cells as they became more flaccid and turgid was challenging and that seeing the end results and being able to do hands on projects is fun. “We are having a great time!” exclaimed Lane Ellison. Josh Meyers said, “It is fascinating how the potatoes are floating in the salt water but not in the distilled water.” Kacie Livengood said that the slide model (shown below) helped them understand diffusion and active transport.