5th Grade Newscast Presentation

5th Grade Newscast Presentation - Madison Kovac

Mrs. Carlson’s fifth grade science class has been learning about weather. The students learned why weather occurs and the different types of severe weather. The students were then assigned a project to create a newscast presentation. The presentation was a powerpoint that had pictures of their assigned severe weather and information on their topic. The students were assigned either tornadoes or floods. The newscast also included tips on how to prepare and survive the weather. The students memorized their scripts and made the newscast presentation to their classmates. The newcast had to be more than a minute and a half, but less than five minutes in length. There were many fun bits students added, such as, dressing up like old people or adding a funny video at the end of their powerpoints.

Kati (dressed as Bob the meterologist)

And Jensen (dressed as Stormy the newscaster)