Science Investigations

Ms.Freeman - Science Investigations - Hope Erganian

Ms. Freemans science investigations students are completing their projects and starting to submit their papers. They are submitting their papers to the Mid-America Regional Science and Engineering Fair, as well as the Missouri Academy of Science. The students are going to design a presentation and poster to show their results.

Material Science and Engineering

The material science and engineering class is experimenting with polymers to determine properties. They will begin this experiment by testing a variety of plastics in common solvents (water, acetone, ethanol, heptane and a few more). Then, they will do a discovery lab and determine the density of each plastic. There are several other labs to examine the properties. The final project will be to utilize engineering skills and design a plastic object that is useful to society and print it with the 3d printer.

Environmental Chemistry

The environmental chemistry class is finishing up their project on food waste. The class is planning to look at non-renewable and renewable fuels soon. Ms. Freeman is planning a field trip for the class to the Biodiesel Plant in St. Joseph, MO. Students will also be making their own bioreactor in the future.