School-Wide Title

Mid-Buchanan R-V


Reading and


Program Handbook

Revised October, 2018

The Mid-Buchanan Title I Program

Schoolwide programs serve all children. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall Schoolwide program. The purpose is to generate high levels of academic achievement in math and reading for all students, especially those students in most need. The Schoolwide Title I program at Mid-Buchanan is designed to provide additional assistance to all students who are having difficulty in one or more areas of reading or mathematics.  The program is geared toward helping all students refine skills.

In Title I Reading, the primary focus is to diagnose and remediate the problems faced by individual readers.  These issues may include, but are not limited to: decoding, comprehension, fluency, phonemic awareness and phonics, study skills, using reference materials, adjusting and improving reading rate, building vocabulary, test taking and note-taking skills and confidence.  Students are exposed to a variety of literature. Activities are designed to encourage students to enjoy reading and to help them understand that becoming a reader is essential to their future.

Title I Mathematics focuses on numbers and operations, algebraic relationships, geometric and spatial relationships, measurement and data and probability.  Students are encouraged to develop mathematical fluency and become problem solvers. Instruction is varied and is focused on students’ individual needs. Students are encouraged to use a variety of methods to solve a problem.  The goal is for students to be able to tackle any math problem with ease and confidence.

Schoolwide title student selection process will come from ISP meetings that are held quarterly, bi-monthly data cycles, and teacher concerns. Students will receive the services needed to help them achieve mastery at their grade-level. Student selection will vary often, so there will be no letter sent home to parents stating who qualifies for title services.  

Title I Delivery Models

Students served in the Title I program may be served through one of two delivery models.  The Resource, or Pull-Out model involves removing the child from the classroom to work with the title teacher in either a small group or individual setting.  The Push-In Model, which is sometimes called Class Within a Class, involves the resource teacher going into the student’s classroom to team teach with the classroom teacher.  The delivery model is determined based on several factors including the number of students who qualify in a given classroom, schedule, areas of strength or weakness of the individuals within the group and the content being covered at a particular time.  It is possible that your child will be involved in either one, or a combination of the two delivery models. Title teachers, regardless of the delivery model, are careful not to interfere with the student’s special activities and classes such as Art, Music and P.E., as well as their core classes (math, language arts).  

Limited English Proficiency

Pursuant to federal law, parents of LEP students will be provided notification regarding their child’s placement in and information about the district’s LEP program.  Parents will be notified no later than 30 days after the beginning of the school year for those children identified before the beginning of the school year as LEP of their rights regarding program content and participation.  For those children identified after the beginning of the year as LEP, LEA’s must provide the information to parents within the first 2 weeks of the child being placed in a language instructional program.

Reading Curriculum

The Reading Curriculum for the Title I Program is geared to supplement the curriculum of the regular classroom reading program.  The Title I teacher uses the classroom curriculum guides, standards and objectives for the students who are having a difficult time mastering certain concepts or skills.  It is important to note that Title I reading students still receive the regular reading instruction in their classroom, along with their peers, in addition to the support of the Title I program.

The specific needs of the Mid-Buchanan R-V Title I Reading students will be met through the use of a combination of the following whole group, small group, or individual activities:

-Reading Recovery

-Orton-Gillingham Method

-Multi-Sensory reading activities

-Houghton Mifflin Reading series

-Literature Sets

-Learning games, such as Sight Word Bingo, Chipper Chat, Around the World

-Sight Word Lists

-Oral and Written summarization of stories


-Accelerated Reader

-Computer Programs

-Smart Board Activities

-Recorded Oral Readings

-Student Self-Monitoring

-Test-Taking and Study Skills Development

-”Real-World” Reading Activities

-Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring

Math Curriculum

The curriculum for the Title 1 mathematics program is geared to supplement the curriculum of the regular classroom program. The Title 1 teacher uses the classroom curriculum guides, state standards, and objectives in planning lessons and establishing objectives for the students who are having difficulty with certain concepts or skills. It is important to note that the Title 1 students receive their regular math instruction in their classroom with their peers, in addition to the additional support of the Title 1 program.

Mathematics: The specific needs of the Mid Buchanan R-V Title 1 Math program will be met through some or all of the following whole groups, small group, or individual activities:

-McGraw-Hill math series


-Learning games and activities

-Fact fluency practice

-Problem Solving strategies

-Computer programs

-Smart Board activities

-Alternate teaching strategies/methods

-Adaptation of materials to meet student needs

-Goal Setting

-Student self-monitoring

Annual Performance Report

The Missouri State Department of Education (DESE) measures school districts’ improvement over a period of time and determines a district’s accreditation level on an Annual Performance Report (APR).  The Mid-Buchanan Annual Performance Report will be made available upon request.

Parent Involvement

The Mid-Buchanan R-V Title I Program adheres to the philosophy that parent involvement is essential to student success.  We recognize that when schools work together with families to support learning, children are inclined to succeed not just in school, but throughout life.  Our goal is to establish partnerships that will increase parental involvement and participation in promoting the social, emotional and academic growth of children in the program.

Parents are given opportunities throughout the school year to learn about and participate in the Title I Program.  The opportunities include, but are not limited to: visits to the Title I classrooms, regular or incidental parent-teacher conferences by phone or in person, newsletters, surveys, notes, progress reports, parent meetings, the Parent Advisory Council, the Parent-Student-Teacher Compact and various volunteer opportunities.  Title I parents will also be encouraged to be involved in the planning, review, and improvement of the Parent Involvement Policy at Mid-Buchanan.

A copy of Mid-Buchanan’s Title I Parent Involvement Policy can be found at the end of this section.


There will be information about schoolwide title periodically in the elementary newsletter.

Parent Meetings

A meeting is held twice per year, to give parents of the Title I students the opportunity to meet the Title I teachers and learn more about the programs.  In 2018, all parents are encouraged to attend a parent meeting during parent teacher conferences. Beginning 2019, the parent meeting will be held during elementary open house and parent teacher conferences.

Parents are also given the opportunity to ask questions, provide input and participate in the yearly planning process.  Further meetings may be arranged at the discretion of the Title I teachers or administration, or upon request of the Parent Advisory Committee.  The meetings will be made available to parents at a variety of times so that all will have an opportunity to be involved.

Parent Advisory Council

Early in the school year, Title I parents will have an opportunity to serve on a Parent Advisory Council.  This group of interested parents may be asked to assist the Title I teachers, administration and Board of Education in establishing policies, addressing student needs or developing programs and curriculum.  If you wish to be a part of this Council, please feel free to call Mrs. Scroggins at (816) 238-1646, x 249, or Mrs. Partridge, at (816) 238-1646, x 205.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education through volunteer opportunities throughout the school year. You may contact either of the Title 1 teachers, the elementary office, or the school Parent Teacher Organization representatives to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Parent-Student-Teacher Compact

The Mid Buchanan Title 1 Parent-Student-Teacher Compact was devised with parent participation for the purpose of outlining how parents, students and teachers will share responsibility for promoting high student achievement in the Mid Buchanan R-V School District. This agreement emphasizes a commitment between all parties involved to motivate, challenge, and inspire each other to do their part to make the educational process a success.

Important Names and Phone Numbers

Superintendent: Dr. Cody Hirschi

(816) 238-1646 ext 175


Principal: Reesa Smiddy

(816) 238-1646 ext 252


Assistant Principal/Title Coordinator: April Campbell

(816)238-1646 ext. 105


Title 1 Reading: Kristin Scroggins

(816) 238-1646 ext 249


Title 1 Math: Kara Partridge

(816) 238-1646 ext 205