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FFA Chapter Banquet - Madison Kovac

On May 8, the 20th annual FFA chapter banquet took place in the multi-purpose room. This year, the FFA provided the members and guest present with a fried chicken dinner. After the dinner, the award ceremony began.The officers conducted opening ceremony with proper FFA parliamentary procedure. The sophomores were presented with the silver chapter degree. Ryleigh Frankum, Teresa Hanway, and Madison Kovac were presented with their state degree plaque for earning their Missouri State FFA Degree at State Convention this year. Layson Hafley was awarded with Star Greenhand. Kacie Livingood earned Outstanding Sophomore. The Outstanding Junior was John Gach. Finally, Outstanding Senior was Madison Kovac and Star Farmer was Teresa Hanway. The banquet also recognized the members who have been apart of the organization for four years. Many scholarships were awarded to the senior class. During the closing ceremony, the 2018-2019 officers retired their positions to the new elected officers. The banquet concluded with cake and ice cream.

4 year members with their gifts Missouri State FFA Degree recipients


Samantha Waller - Senior Interview - by Jaele Barber

Sam Waller, a senior, took the time out to express her feelings over her years at Mid-Buchanan. Sam says she will miss certain aspects of school, mostly all the lunch discussions and sports. She feels that high school has changed her for the better and taught her to handle herself in a way she finds necessary. “The senior class overall has grown together, whether it was individually or as a group, I believe we are a very mature group compared to others,” Sam stated. Sam plans on attending an internship for welding and then eventually a trade school. She says that a military position is also possible. Sam says she feels excited and scared for the future. “I think I know what the future has in store for me, but at the same time how could you really know?” Her favorite memory from high school is when her study hall group would get noisy, and Ms. Freeman would get slightly angry, but still laugh with them. She feels her biggest accomplishment was have to be getting her all time personal record in hurdles, even though she didn’t advance, she still feels proud of herself for doing well.   

Jenna Ellison-Brylee Kemper

As her senior year of high school is coming to an end, Jenna Ellison looks back on some of her favorite memories through her years of high school. “My best memories are any trips I took with teams, the band, or science investigations. Every late night hotel room conversation was worth it… Also any memory in Mrs. Boyer’s or Mrs. Delaney’s are ones that I will always cherish.” Jenna Ellison was apart of the cheerleading squad, the volleyball team, and the wrestling team. She is one of the top in her class and went to many school events throughout her days at Mid-Buchanan. What Jenna is going to miss most about Mid-Buchanan is the ”sense of family and being able to rely on almost everyone,” but she feels she will get a similar experience as she continues her education in Manhattan, Kansas at Kansas State University. “I am excited to start a new chapter, I am ready to branch out from little Mid-Buch to a Division 1 college. I am excited to be on my own and make my own decisions.” Jenna was involved in many clubs and academic groups such as Foreign Language Club, FCCLA, Play and National Honor Society. She got to hang out and socialize with other students in Mid-Buchanan that eventually developed into friendships. “My advice for underclassmen is to go out and experience new things!! There is a whole world that is worth exploring so take a chance! Don’t settle for less, if you want to go to college three hours away do it! If you want to travel the world go for it. Don’t let small minded people change your big plans. Some people don’t understand the importance of having your own life experiences versus doing the same thing everyone else has. Mid-Buchanan did teach us to be regular but to be ourselves. Underclassmen need to keep their head up and look at their own greener pastures and not someone else’s.” These last few days, Jenna will say her goodbyes to her fellow classmates and teachers. Come Sunday, she will stand with her senior class one last time when they toss their cap up in the air. Best of luck in the future Jenna Ellison!

Senior Interview with Chase Erganian- Riley Brill

Chase Erganian is somewhat ready to graduate and move on from high school. Chase says, “High school is just very repetitive, I do the same thing and see the same people every day. I am ready for something different.” When asked what his future goals were, he knew what he wanted to major in, just not what kind of job to get after college. Chase states, “I am majoring in computer science, but I do not know what kind of job I really would like to have.” High school helped Chase grow as a person and as a student. After his freshman year he really had to step up his grades and the way he did things in school. Chase says, “I definitely had to become more studious as a student. Doing my homework and getting ready for tests and not procrastinating really helped me become the student that I am today.” Chase Erganian is ready for life after high school.

Senior Interview- Teresa Hanway - by Emily Papenburg   

As senior year is coming to an end, I asked Teresa a couple of questions regarding her overall thoughts and feelings of high school. She says it is bittersweet and she is very excited for her next chapters in life, but she is sad to leave her close friends that she has been with for years. It is a little scary moving on she says, but all of the good memories she shared takes over the bad times. One of her favorite memories was anatomy class with all of her friends sharing many laughs and memories throughout the year. Now that the year is coming to an end, looking back, she says she wishes she worked a little harder in her classes. Teresa was just awarded with the star farmer award for FFA so she feels very accomplished for receiving that. After high school Teresa is joining the local 454 electricians union to further her education. Overall, she says high school didn't change her much, but she definitely grew up a lot and realized how fast life goes.

Senior Interview of Harvey Weaklend- Madison Kovac

Harvey Weaklend was interviewed about his senior year. He feels amazing to be graduating because he does not have to worry about school for a while. When asked if he was nervous he said, “No, not at all. Why should I be?” He feels he has gotten closer with the senior football players since he started Mid-Buchanan his junior year. Harvey said, “I think the real world is going to be more complicated and very surprising.” His favorite memory was transfering here his junior year and having a fresh start. His biggest accomplishment was being offered a college football scholarship, but he regrets not committing to play in college. His plans for next year are attending Metropolitan Community College and figuring out his major. When asked how high school has changed him, he replied with, “I have matured and learned how to take responsibility for my actions.” Harvey concluded the interview that he will miss high school a little bit.

Senior Interview with Hadley Douglas- Hope Erganian

Counting down the last few days of high school senior, Hadley Douglas, shared some of her emotions. Hadley feels excited and very emotional as she’s ending four years of high school and starting new chapters in her life. She said that she was nervous because she is currently undecided on her major for college. Hadley feels that as a class overall, the seniors have started to talk to each other more because it is getting closer to the end. One of Hadley’s best memories from high school was going far as a cheerleader for the football team her senior year. Her biggest accomplishment in high school was being the first FCCLA member to go to nationals. She feels that high school has changed her by making her more responsible. Hadley is excited to move on to college at Northwest Missouri State University.

Ready for Graduation- Brandon Martin

Senior Connor Rich is ready to move on from high school. He thinks that moving on will be a good step and will be happy to move on to college. Connor plans on going into music education at Central Methodist University. High school has not changed him that much, bet he did say that he learned a lot of good information. One of his favorite memories from high school was when he went on a band trip this year to California. Connor and some of his friends ordered all you can eat sushi and ordered a little more than they could handle. They had to pay for the food that they ordered if they didn’t eat all of the food they were given. Connor and the others couldn’t finish eating everything so one of his friends, Lionso, picked up the last of the food and put it in his pocket. Then he went over to the trash can to throw it away. Connor said that he doesn’t regret anything he did in high school. One of his biggest accomplishments was making all state jazz. He feels bittersweet and ready to move on from high school, but he will miss some of his friends that he won’t be able to see on an everyday basis. Rich does not feel that nervous about moving on, and he still feels like the class overall hasn’t changed that much to him.

Senior Interview (Boston deJong)-   Gage Reed

I interviewed a senior, Boston deJong, about graduating. He is ready to begin a new chapter in his life but is sad to lose contact with some of his friends after high school. He is nervous about going to college at Missouri Western and feels that overall the class’s feelings towards graduating is mainly sad. He stated he believed that is because we have all been together for so long and we are all going our separate ways. His best memory includes just spending time with all of his friends during school. Boston said his biggest accomplishment was going to state for golf. At the end I asked him, “ Do you have any regrets and did high school change you?”. He stated,” My biggest regret is probably not getting as involved as I could have. I do think high school has made me more responsible and a better person.”