Dragon Journal

Dragon Journal # 14

Dragon Dollars Earn Rewards - Jaele Barber

The elementary side of Mid-Buchanan does a reward system including “Dragon Dollars.” The Dragon Dollars are a piece of paper cut into squares that can be handed out to students for good individual behavior. The students get these for being responsible, respectful, and even using safe behavior. Any staff member who sees the students having great behavior can reward them with a Dragon Dollar. The students can collect these and earn rewards after getting so many.  They can save up for bigger rewards or they can spend them early for smaller rewards. Elementary classes can also be rewarded with “Class Dragon Dollars.” These are handed out by staff members to other teachers that have a well behaving class in the hallway or even in a non-core class, these can include art, P.E., or music. The class collects these and after so many they also get a reward, of the teachers choosing, as a class. Sydney Kleine, a student in Mrs. Kountz’s fourth grade class, recently used fifty of her Dragon Dollars to earn twenty minutes in the kitchen helping the staff. She got to help make salads, and prepare other foods with the staff.

Sydney posing with the lunch staff.

Sydney making salads for the staff.

5th Grade Civil War Scrapbooks - Madison Kovac

Mrs. Kline’s fifth grade class recently finished their Civil War scrapbook. The scrapbook included many different items covering the Civil War. The students created a cover page that was eye-catching and neat. Next the students had to state the political, social, and economical differences between the North and the South. Then they needed to write five paragraphs on five important people in the war. The scrapbook needed to have a map that showed how the nation was divided. The students created three letters they wrote as if they were a soldier in the war, and another three letters from the soldier's family. The students’ scrapbook had four to five pictures and information on weapons used during the war. Three pictures and descriptions of different battles that occurred during the Civil War. The students had to also create a timeline that included ten to fifteen events. Finally the students had to create a bibliography that included at least five sources.  

Kristen Schaeffer and Eliana Arambula

with their Civil War scrapbooks

Prom Committee - Jaele Barber

The prom committee, made up of volunteering juniors, has been working on getting everything ready for prom. The juniors are monitored by Mrs. Sutton who is in charge of putting prom together. Mrs. Sutton is in charge of making sure everything is in order for prom. This includes collecting all the forms and collecting the slips with the pairs name on them for the grand march. The grand march is the entrance into prom, which can be alone, or with other people. Mrs. Sutton also hosted fundraisers to make money for prom, orders the props, and stays within the budget. The members picked out a theme and helped choose the props and invitations.They also have been putting together props and working hard to get the items in order. Some members were building a prop to represent the Brooklyn Bridge for prom, because the theme is “A Night In New York.” Some of the props include a few cardboard taxis, little sculptures of the Statue of Liberty, a arch to walk under, and the cardboard version of the Brooklyn Bridge. Prom will take place on Saturday, April 6th. The prom committee will start setting up on Friday, April 5th.

Prom committee members, Libby Bally, Serenity Williams, Zoe Webster, Christian Scaggs, Austin Cross, Cali Bailey, and Bryce Batliner, Gage Thornton, and Lizzie Jenkins working on building the “Brooklyn Bridge.”

Ms. Freeman Environmental Chemistry- Riley Brill

Once about every week, Ms. Freeman sends her students out and has them gather up recycled paper. The students break into two groups and go throughout the whole school. One group goes to the elementary and the junior high, while the other goes through the high school. Both groups go into each classroom and pick up their recycle boxes and put the paper into the recycle can. After they gather all of the papers from each classroom, they go outside and put the papers into the large recycle bin by the entrance to the school.

Junior High PE in Pickleball Unit- Brandon Martin

Mr. Kountz’s 8th grade PE classes are currently doing a pickleball unit. They first learned all of the basics of how to play. Then the students learned how to serve the ball forehand first, and then backhand after they all learned how to properly hit it forehand. After that, Kountz taught all of the students how to hit the ball both forehand and backhand. Most of the students said that they enjoy playing pickleball, even though it takes a lot of focus and hustle.

Academic Team- Riley Brill

The Academic Team has had seven meets total and has a record of 2-5. Also on Monday, April 1st, we hosted the All-Conference matches. Mid Buchanan finished in 4th Place as a team at the Conference Meet. On Saturday, April 6th, we hosted the District matches before prom started. This is the first time in a while that we have hosted the All-Conference match and the District match. During senior night, they honored Lionso Canchola and Faith Miller. Mrs Smith said, “It has been a fun year, though we are not where we need to be yet. We hope to improve next year.”

MAP Preparation - Mackenzie Welch

Mrs. Merrigan’s class is preparing for MAP testing by going over different strategies and techniques. MAP testing for language arts will take place from April 29th through May 1st . There are four sessions to the MAP test.

National Honor Society Ceremony- Brylee Kemper

On Wednesday, March 27th, Mid-Buchanan High School held an assembly in the morning to honor and watch as a selected few were inducted into the National Honor Society. There were 16 new members that joined including one senior and 13 juniors. Lindsey Kaufman, President of Mid-Buchanan’s NHS, led the ceremony by introducing the current members of NHS that consisted of all seniors. Current members read and explained what being in NHS means to Mid-Buchanan and talked about how the new members exemplify the traits to be qualified for National Honor Society. There are a total of 35 juniors and seniors in Mid-Buchanan’s National Honor Society. Current members include Madison Kovac, Jenna Ellison, Ryleigh Frankum, Lindsey Kaufman, Teresa Hanway, Gracie Livengood, Faith Miller, Brylee Kemper, Rylee Harris, Kristen Chaney, Lexi Puett, Hadley Douglas, Kayleigh Huss, Kali Gregory, Hannah Parrott, Hope Erganian, Caleb Kirschner, Brandon Martin, Chase Erganian, Drake Remick, and Tristen Dye. The new members of National Honor Society are Abby Hanway, Libby Bally, Maleah Biller, Austin Cross, Tyler Marti, Serenity Williams, Maddie Campbell, Zoe Webster, Kelsey Stout, Kylee Meehan, Julie Hanway, Elizabeth Jenkins, Lily Kelly, and Dustin Biggs. Mrs. Jessica Boyer is the sponsor for Mid-Buchanan’s National Honor Society.

Elementary P.E- Gage Reed

Mrs. Duran’s 3rd grade elementary physical education class just received their free day. If the whole class is obedient and well behaved then that class will receive stars. Once the class earns thirty stars, the class receives a free day and can choose what activity they want to do. After the free day the stars reset back to zero and the class must earn thirty more stars for another one. Mrs. Duran’s third grade class decided on dodgeball as their free day activity.

Biomedical Science- Hope Erganian

Mrs .Jenkins’ biomedical science classes have been researching HIV/AIDS for a while now. They are currently working on producing public service announcements. Each class is going to split up into three groups of three. The students have the option to make a public service announcement on prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of HIV/AIDS. The PSA’s will have to be 60 seconds long. Before they actually record their PSA’s they will make a written description of it. The students must figure out who their target audience will be, the message, the call to action, and the significance of issue to the public.

NHS and FCCLA Help With the Special Olympics - Hope Erganian

On Friday, March 29th students involved in NHS and FCCLA volunteered at the Special Olympics. The students headed to Belt Bowl at 7am and didn’t arrive back at the school until 2:30pm. When they arrived, each student was assigned their own lane. Each lane consisted of 3 to 4 bowlers. There were two different sessions of bowlers throughout the entire day. They helped keep track of the scores after a total of three games. The students also had to make sure the participants were bowling in the right lanes and at the right times. The students added up each of their bowlers scores after the three games and turned them into the scorekeepers. At the end of the each session, the students got to medal their lane of bowlers. On the way home, the students got to stop at West Lake and grab some food after a long day at Belt Bowl!

Science Investigations Posters-Hope Erganian

Recently, the science investigations group competed at the 2019 Mid-America Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Medals were given for each category. Elizabeth Jenkins places 1st in Animal Science and Bryce Batiner placed 1st in Biochemistry. Reese McClurg placed 1st in Behavioral Science and Braden Hirschi placed 1st in Chemistry. For Environmental Management, Tanner Hirschi placed 1st and Madison Meyer placed 2nd place. For Environmental Science, Laurelyn Harris placed 1st and John Jenkins placed 2nd. In Medicine Health, Brylee Kemper placed 1st and Erin Hyde placed 2nd. Weston Henning placed 3rd in Microbiology. Evan Vinzant placed 1st in Physics and Alika Coon placed 1st in Plant Science. Laurelynn Harris also received runner up to Grand Prize for ISEF. There were also many special awards given out. Tanner Hirschi and Laurelynn Harris received the American Meteorological Award. Reese McClurg was awarded the American Psychological Admin Award. Evan Vinzant received the ASM Materials Education Foundation Award. Laurelyn Harris received the NASA Earth Systems Award. Tanner Hirschi was awarded the National Oceanic and Atmospheric NOAA Award. Laurelyn Harris received the Ricoh Sustainable Development Award. Elizabeth Jenkins and John Jenkins received the Stockholm Junior Water Project. The Yale Science and Engineering Award was given to Bryce Batliner. Lastly, Elizabeth Jenkins received the Naval Research Award.

Science Investigations 2019 Competition Results- Hope Erganian

The SI students recently competed with their projects in their Regional contest. Six students received a purple ribbon of excellence and were chosen to move on to the state competition in Maryville, MO on April 12, 2019. Those students were Laurelyn Harris in Earth/Environmental Science, Tanner Hirschi in Environmental Engineering, Alika Coon in Plant Sciences, Bryce Batliner in Biochemistry, Elizabeth Jenkins in Animal Science, and Reese McClurg in Behavioral Science. The blue ribbon winners were Madison Meyer, Braden Hirschi, Erin Hyde, and Brylee Kemper. The red ribbon winner were Evan Vinzant, John Jenkins, and John Kelly. Two students also received special awards. Laurelyn Harris received the Best Biology Award from Beta Chapter and Braden Hirschi received the John Rushin Award.

5th Grade Quadrilateral Family Trees - Madison Kovac

Mrs. Dobson’s fifth grade math class has been learning about quadrilaterals. The students were given an assignment to create a family tree about the quadrilaterals and their attributes. The two categories were non-parallelograms and parallelograms. The shapes on the non-parallelogram side are kites and trapezoids because they have zero or one pair of parallel lines. The parallelogram shapes are rhombuses, rectangles, and squares. In order to be on the parallelogram side, the shape’s sides or angles must be congruent, or the same. The students drew a visual graphic for their family tree. The family trees are now on display on Mrs. Dobson’s door.   

Biomedical Science- Hope Erganian

Mrs .Jenkins’ biomedical science classes have been researching HIV/AIDS for a while now. They are currently working on producing public service announcements. Each class is going to split up into three groups of three. The students have the option to make a public service announcement on prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of HIV/AIDS. The PSA’s will have to be 60 seconds long. Before they actually record their PSA’s they will make a written description of it. The students must figure out who their target audience will be, the message, the call to action, and the significance of issue to the public.

Anatomy Test Blood Types - Jaele Barber

Mrs. Jenkins anatomy class tested their blood types to see which they were. They did this by using a “do it yourself” kit. The kit included two mixing sticks (one blue and one yellow), a clean needle, a sheet with the information on it shown below, two alcohol wipes, and the two mixing solutions. The class got to choose if they wanted to do the test or not. If they wanted to test they followed these steps:

1) Set up the tools needed.

2) Use one alcohol pad to cleanse one of your fingers.

3) Take the cap off of the needle and prick the finger that was cleansed.

4) Put the blood that comes out onto the two spots labeled blood.

5) Next put a dot of each mixing solutions into the spots labeled.

6) Mix using the color coordinated sticks for the solutions and blood.

7) Wait a few minutes and see what happens to the mix.

8) Check with the chart to see which blood type applies.

The anatomy classed learned that the solutions were Anti-A and Anti-B serums. They would clot the blood if that was your type and no clotting meant type A and B. If you were type O neither mixture would clot.

Rewards Program for Junior High- Brandon Martin

The Junior High rewards program has been going very well for all of the teachers and students. A few teachers said that it has made the kids more organized and should help them stay that way while they enter high school. There have been some students that have said that they do not like the program because they have a hard time staying organized. The school will continue to do the program next year and see if it will be a success for two years in a row. The program has also relieved a lot of stress from the teachers and making their classes go by quicker since they can actually finish everything that they had planned to do during each class time. Most of the students have been able to reach the gold level, which means that they have all A’s and B’s and have used fewer than six passes for the quarter.

Special Education- Gage Reed

Mr. Curran’s special education class had some free time before lunch so they did a fun memory game. This game includes Frozen matching cards. All of the cards get flipped over so the front of the card is no longer showing. Curran and the student then take turns flipping over two cards at a time. If the cards are a match then two more cards can be flipped. At the end of the game Curran and the student see which one has the most matching cards to decide who won the game.

DISTRICT MUSIC - Mackenzie Welch

On March 29th the MBHS music department sent 19 events to the MSHSAA district music festival. Ten of the events were awarded exemplary status and have been sent to the state festival. The following soloists are state bound:

Kylee Meehan - Soprano

Isabel Schroeder - Alto

Braden Hirschi - Bass

Connor Rich - Tenor, Vocal, Bari Sax

Logan Harris - Bari Sax

The following ensembles will be competing at state:

SAB - Hadley Douglas, Lily Kelly, Abby Tanner, Lizzie Jenkins, Colton Rich, Hunter Lawhon

SATB - Kylee Meehan, Layson Hafley, Connor Rich, Braden Hirschi

TTB - Connor Rich, Logan Harris, John Kelly, Braden Hirschi, Colton Rich

The jazz band and jazz choir will be competing in the Fullerton College Jazz Festival, April 12th and 13th.  This is the third time the HS Jazz Band has competed in California, and the first for the newly formed jazz choir.

The Spring Choral Concert will be May 3rd, 7:00 PM at Ashland United Methodist Church. The Choir will also compete at the Worlds of Fun Festival, April 28, 2019.

The bands will perform April 29, 2019 in the HS Gym at 7:00.