Dia De Los Muertos

The Spanish class has a special celebration that they recreate every year around this time. They celebrate Dia De Los Muertos which is a Spanish holiday meaning “Day of the Dead” celebrated October 31- November 2. In Spanish speaking countries it is celebrated to remember their loved ones. They believe that on these days the souls of their family members come back to spend the day with them. The souls of these people are welcomed on this special day by alters that are decorated with their loved one’s favorite things.

            All of Mrs. Delaney’s Spanish classes played a role in making these ofrendas to replicate a true celebration as well as Mrs. Boyer’s nutrition class, Mr. Speers advanced woods class, and Mrs. Hampton’s Agriculture business class. Spanish one made the papel picado or in English, flowers that decorated the arches on the ofrendas, Spanish two made the sugar skulls which are a normal tradition for these alters, Spanish three made the posters hanging around the commons describing the holiday, and Spanish four made the actual altars and brought the items in to honor a family member or friend who has passed away. It didn’t stop in the Spanish classes though. The Nutrition class made the Pan de Muerto, or bread, for the altars, Advanced woods made the wood framed arches that went on top, and Agriculture business made the candles used on the altars.