Technology Update

Technology Update- Zoe Webster

            After asking Ace Powell about some of the problems with technology, he said that the main problem we have had has been an issue with Google causing us to have problems with the chromebooks working. The chromebooks were saying that there was no internet, when there really was internet. It made the problem seem like it was the school internet, when really the problem was with Google. He has been able to get in contact with Google, but has had problems with getting Google to solve the problem quickly and effectively. Another problem that we have had with the technology is just the transition from Windows to Chrome and getting used to it. 

            Ace says that all of the main technology improvement happen over the summer while school isn’t in session. During the school year Ace has to help with the everyday problems involving technology. An example of an everyday problem would be a student’s chromebook not letting them print. Ace then has to figure out why they can’t print and how to fix the problem. Ace says that he hopes next summer, he will be able to get more access points (wifi boxes) for the school so that the wifi can be even quicker and more effective.

            He thinks that the best improvement to our technology this year has been upgrading the internet to 1GB connection. The internet is so much faster than it ever has been. Ace says that last year there were students that had faster wifi at their houses than they did at school, and that was a problem.