National Honor Society Ceremony

National Honor Society Ceremony- Brylee Kemper

On Wednesday, March 27th, Mid-Buchanan High School held an assembly in the morning to honor and watch as a selected few were inducted into the National Honor Society. There were 16 new members that joined including one senior and 13 juniors. Lindsey Kaufman, President of Mid-Buchanan’s NHS, led the ceremony by introducing the current members of NHS that consisted of all seniors. Current members read and explained what being in NHS means to Mid-Buchanan and talked about how the new members exemplify the traits to be qualified for National Honor Society. There are a total of 35 juniors and seniors in Mid-Buchanan’s National Honor Society. Current members include Madison Kovac, Jenna Ellison, Ryleigh Frankum, Lindsey Kaufman, Teresa Hanway, Gracie Livengood, Faith Miller, Brylee Kemper, Rylee Harris, Kristen Chaney, Lexi Puett, Hadley Douglas, Kayleigh Huss, Kali Gregory, Hannah Parrott, Hope Erganian, Caleb Kirschner, Brandon Martin, Chase Erganian, Drake Remick, and Tristen Dye. The new members of National Honor Society are Abby Hanway, Libby Bally, Maleah Biller, Austin Cross, Tyler Marti, Serenity Williams, Maddie Campbell, Zoe Webster, Kelsey Stout, Kylee Meehan, Julie Hanway, Elizabeth Jenkins, Lily Kelly, and Dustin Biggs. Mrs. Jessica Boyer is the sponsor for Mid-Buchanan’s National Honor Society.